This page generates ten random exercise ICS 213 messages, and stores them in a PDF file named newpdf.pdf. The messages are overlaid on top of the State Civil Defense RACES ICS-213 form. To generate more messages, click one of the buttons again.

The messages are a work of fiction. All the names and text are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

Tactical messages formatted as ICS 213

DEM is the Oahu Department of Emergency Management. If your role is at the DEM EOC, click on the "From DEM only" button to generate appropriate messages. If your role is in the field, click on the "To DEM only" or the "Tactical to DEM only" buttons to generate appropriate messages.

Shelter type messages are generated for ARC HQ, which is the Oahu headquarters of the American Red Cross.

Use these messages as samples, or as examples to generate your own messages.

Note: the tactical messages formatted as ICS 213 would usually be sent as tactical rather than formal traffic. These messages are meant to increase the volume of sample ICS 213 messages.